[part 3/3] We Can Win: Gay Marriage

In our first two parts of our three part series titled “We Can Win: Gay Marriage” – we firstexplored the ways Minnesota can win gay marriage at the ballot box by following some lessons learned in the 2006 election in Arizona. Thenwe took a look at Maryland, and how the President’s new found belief that gay marriage should be legal could prove to be pivotal this election, especially if he can get the black vote not only out to vote for him, but out in favor of marriage equality.
Today, we conclude our series by taking a look at how Washington state, and Maine could vote yes on gay marriage, and what needs to happen in order for that to happen. Truth is, not much.
Governor Gregoire Should Help
For starters, let’s look at Washington.
This November, the folks there are voting on Referendum 74. If passed, Washington would become the seventh state to allow gay marriage. In February, Governor Chris Gregoire signed the legalization of same-sex marriage into law. But those marriage certificates have been put on hold, awaiting a vote on this amendment.
As one of my favorite states, a state I intend on living before I die (not to mention the same place my roommate hailed from), it has been a liberal haven. If we play our cards right there, we can win.
In Washington, the Governor is incredibly popular. Folks like her. And they think she should seek another term. But she has already stated she is stepping out of the political game, leaving her seat open this election. This means she can, and should, do a lot for gay marriage. She can, and should, use her popularity to put together fundraisers in – and out of – the state, and speak at rallies, motivate volunteers, win the media over, and gain public awareness.
She has everything in her power to turn out the liberal vote. And from the looks of things, she will do exactly that.
Funds wise, the campaign is on track to doing well. They really do seem to be on track to winning.
Simplicity Matters, Especially In Maine
Like Washington state, Maine’s ballot issue regarding marriage is pretty simple. It simply says:Do you want to allow same-sex couples to marry?
As I can say until I am blue in the face, that sort of thing matters. People find it easier to vote yes, in general, and this election every single advantage counts.
Maine and Washington have basically the same groundwork to follow. Organize the liberal vote, and turn out the liberal vote. This is critical. Completely possible. And appears to be what the campaigns in the respective states are doing. Keep it up.
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