A Less Than Noble Cause

Zambian Watchdog is an underground newspaper. Similar to the underground newspaper I contributed to in high school, the Zambian Watchdog is looking out for it’s best interests. All of the editors live in exile, and all of the reporting is done anonymously.
They are reporting that gay activists have hacked the websites of several anti-gay African countries. 
According to the report, the anonymous groups have promised “to bring down key websites in all African countries that imprison or kill gay people.”
That’s a noble cause. 
Currently, the “kill the gay” bill in Uganda is gaining steam, in Algeria you could go to prison for two years for any homosexual relations, in South Sudan it’s ten, and in Mauritania it’s the death penalty. All of these countries were targets for the hackers.
But as I said in my post “When Gays Forget To Love, We Lose”  — I know deep in my heart that hate doesn’t conquer hate, only love does.

Yes, like all of you, I would love to target these countries for their anti-gay stand. But I do not think we can win by fighting hate with hate. They already think the worst of us, there is no need to prove them right. Instead, we should focus on campaigns to get folks all over the world to come out, and support their efforts to live out. We should protect them.

Hacking a website really only causes mild heart burn for the website owner. Not sure how many times iREADray has been hacked, but enough. It enrages people like me, but we figure it out, and get over it. The harm it causes, though, to folks who are trying to come out in some of the worst conditions imaginable, is ruthless.There is no need to enrage people further. Especially when they already want to kill the gays.

Hacking anti-gay government websites is a less than noble cause. Instead, I wish said hackers would focus on ways we can support our gay brothers and sisters globally.  

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