Ray Rules (To Dating)

Lately, I have been getting some personal questions from fans/stalkers, asking me about my dating philosophy. So, to dispel some of those less than graceful/somewhat terrifying questions — here are my rules to dating:
  • I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call.
  • Spit and blood or it ain’t love. 
  • Showers should be like my bling, golden. 
  • Clothes always look better on the floor. 
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me, so through me down on the ground and show me how you like me. 
If you know me, you know these are not really my rules. These are things I have picked up, mostly from exes, and enjoy using as comical fun from time to time. In all honestly, my philosophy on dating is always evolving and frankly, unless posted otherwise (and considering how open I am about things, it has been done before and will be again) but for now, it’s really none of your business.  


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