An Interview With Author of "Dating: It’s Not Complicated"

Today, we interview new-author Aaron Powell. Aaron has been a guest blogger on iREADray a few times, and his new book Dating: It’s Not Complicated (available at, is a no-nonsense approach to dating.

How’s it going Aaron?

Everything is great Ray, thanks for asking and thanks for asking to interview me, I greatly appreciate it.

It’s exciting that we get to publish an interview with you about your new book, Dating: It’s Not Complicated. Not only have you been regular guest blogger on, but you have a pretty fucking hilarious blog yourself, My Life As It Were. It seems fitting that you be our first interviewee.

Once again, thanks for having me. Also I love reading your blog as well as it’s also pretty fucking hilarious and insightful… and I’m glad to be the first of hopefully many interviewees that you have.

So tell us about your book.

My book is about helping men improve their dating skills, it’s about teaching them to have confidence in themselves and to not settle for less than what they deserve and it promotes the idea to keep learning, growing and upgrading yourself in all parts of life which will help them in dating immensely.

What made you want to publish this?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was a kid and my blog, as you know, is primarily about dating advice and different techniques and dating rules and a girl I used to give dating advice to mentioned that I should write a book and I agreed and I started getting all my ideas down and a year later, my book was complete.

Explain the title, why isn’t dating complicated?

The title came from all the Facebook relationship statuses saying “it’s complicated”, that’s the dumbest way to tell people that you’re single or in a relationship cheating that I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re either with someone or not and there’s nothing complicated about that logic. Dating isn’t complicated because if everyone involved is honest and everyone’s intentions are clear, there’s nothing but fun to be had.

What’s one thing you think we can all do to make dating less complicated?

Not settling. If you don’t like what you’re getting, stop getting that thing and go get what you want. I hate when people say “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”, fuck that. When life gives you lemons say fuck lemons and go somewhere with better fruit. Never settle, no one ever got what they wanted by settling.

Any advice you can give to the gay guys and gals who enjoy your comical gold as much as I?

Truth be told a lot of gay people read my stuff and love it. As you know, I’m a huge advocate of gay rights because you don’t have to be gay to want gays to have the same rights as everyone else and I have a lot of gay friends. When it comes to dating advice for the gay community, there’s not much difference in what I say already, you can just reverse engineer my advice to whatever it is you’re looking to date because I write in a pretty universal tone unless I specify otherwise. The best advice I can give anyone is to always be confident, always trust yourself and aim high with whatever you want to do. If you do that then your chances at success are infinite.

Thanks so much for letting us interview you, we look forward to you guest blogging again soon. And good luck with your book!

Thanks for having me and be sure to have your readers grab their copy of my book, Dating, It’s Not Complicated at Amazon.

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