Obama’s The Man

You America are voting, and when it comes to the Presidentail election, iREADray endorses President Obama. 
Yes, I, like most of America, am disappointed by the President. The unemployment number’s alone are painful. But at the end of the day, there are few key things I have to think about:
President Obama and I share the same social values. He believes in equality, and has stood up saying so, and is the first sitting President to support gay marriage. He ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and he signed the Matthew Shepard hate crime’s legislation. This man has done more the gay community than any President has. 
He killed Osama bin Laden, and attempted to stop (though he did it half-assed) the illegal holding of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. The killing of bin Laden was a huge effort, that his crew — from his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to his then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, to the military personnel down there — did, together. It was a huge accomplishment for the United States. 
President Obama has also started to turn around the economy. Yes, it’s taking longer than it should, but not all of that is his fault. The Republican lead House has been a pain in the butt. And even the first two years of his Presidency, where the Democrats held the majority in the House and Senate, they held a very strong choke hold on everything that passed. Remember the party of no? Well, I do. 
I do not like Obamacare. Still I question it’s constitutionality. But the Supreme Court was clear on that. But while creating Affordable Coverage Act, the President acted poorly. He gave in to the Republican threats far too many times. We single payer system was off the table before they started round two. It’s weak. And we all know it. Certainly, it provides more coverage for more people. And that’s a good thing. And there’s the huge benefit it provides for women. I like that it covers birth control, and domestic counseling screening and counseling. Both are good. But it’s still not good enough. Healthcare is important for all, and it leaves people like me without means to buy insurance, and a fee if I do not buy it. (Not to mention, legislation attached to it, that has nothing to do with healthcare cost my father his job!)
However, in comparing the President to Governor Mitt Romney, it’s clear: President Obama needs four more years to expand the economy, and continue to rebuild the America that you, and I are proud of. 
Just tonight, NASA landed on Mars with a rover called Curiosity. And America is doing pretty damn well in the Olympics. Re-electing President Obama, despite his flaws, will continue the trend.

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