Stop Trying To Understand Madmen

Last night, during the Dark Knight Rises premier, a madman opened fired on the crowd. They killed 12, and injured 38 people in Aurora, Colorado. CNN has the story
Since the tragedy, less than 24 hours ago, ape-shit crazy politicians, like Texan Republican Representative Louie Gohmert have said that this is a result of “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs” and wanted to know why no one had gun of their own to take out the shooter.
The problem with the likes of Gohmert is that in situations like this, taking blame off of anyone besides the madman who committed the act is just as mad a the act they committed in the first place.
The fact of the matter is simple: A madman opened fired on a crowd. 
There is no true explanation of the acts of madman. Trying to rationalize and understand why people act the way they do is, well, insane. We aren’t meant to understand their actions. We shouldn’t want to. We should instead pray for those who were injured to recover quickly, and for the families of those who were murdered last night.
What we shouldn’t do is create laws based on the random acts of violence committed by a few. People have talked of putting security measures in place at theaters. Some have gone on to say that we need more guns in the hands of the people, to protect themselves.
All of this is in response to the actions taken by madmen last night. All of these responses are not the answer. The answer is pretty simple: spread love, unity, peace. Not violence, security, guns.
Any response, and in turn any law created, that is based out of the fear created by this shooter means that the shooter wins. His madness spreads, and our freedoms suffer.  

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