Chick-fil-A’s Failed Lessons To H8 Mor Gays

Chick-fil-A makes good chicken.
And as a company, they have led an interesting, morally driven business plan that has led to their success.  They have a polite way of doing things, hiring nice girls to provide decent chicken, on the fly, for a low price. Every time I go to Chick-fil-A I have always enjoyed the kindness their staff provides. 
That’s why I am outraged by their attack on me, a gay man who hopes to get married someday. Growing up, I knew they were owned by conservatives. And I knew that some of those conservatives did not support my right to marry. 
However, they never spoke it aloud. And so, it was a not-so-well kept secret. 
But that all changed when Dan Cathy, the President of Chick-fil-A said they were “guilty as charged” in supporting the “biblical definition of the family unit.” The moment that Cathy spoke out, he — and his company — joined the political dialogue.
And he, probably not-intentionally, opened a can of worms. One he has to take responsibility for. 
Considering that Chick-fil-A was in my high school, and my college, I think it’s clear that they have many business connections. Many of these connections are now very inappropriate. Having a vocally active business in a high school is simply inapproperaite. 
Regardless of the politics, there is a bullying epidemic that has taken a choke hold on our schools. And as I have said before, in An Incomprehensible Tragedy, there is a correlation between this national dialogue about gay marriage, the gay marriage bans that states ever couple years all over the nation debate, and teen sucides. 
Schools are allowing a business, one this is now outspoken for their anti-gay stand, to influence our children. And that is simply inexcusable. You don’t see me wanting to go and advertise in high schools a blog about politics, sex and entertainment, do you? No, because that would not be approperiate. 
And it’s not appropriate for Chick-fil-A to be in schools now. It’s time for Chick-fil-A to be taken out of schools, and stop teaching our children failed lessons of outspoken hate. 
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