An Empire To Say Thanks

Not sure if any of you watch Kathy Griffin, or are as nearly as obsessed with her as I am, but she has often said she is creating an empire. She plans on taking over the world, by creating a brand, image, and everything, all with her stupid smile on it. It’s the Kathy brand.
She is my inspiration. 
In a grand way, I wanted to thank all of my readers, who have been visiting iREADray from the beginning. Or ever. Even if now is your first time for checking out this blog, thanks. 
Together, y’all have visited my blog 20,000 times. That’s pretty impressive.
Since y’all know as well as I that iREADray is more than just an awesome blow now, but an empire, I have created the iREADray Empire site. There, everything that iREADray does is available. Consider it the business side to the blog you know and love.
Soon we will be changing a few things. It’s all part of marketing, creating, expanding, exploring. One big change, is that in the upcoming days/weeks,, that currently brings you to this blog — will soon be redirected to take you to the empire site. That’s for a couple of reasons, mostly because some 90% or more of you find my blog via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. 
The iREADray empire gives you information about the iREADray brand, and enables you to check out all of the projects that we have going on. From the iREADray talk show, to our two Tumblr accounts, to Twitter, and so on — we got it all, and want to enable you easy access to all of our creative expressions.
But worry not, this blog will continue to be awesome. Because y’all are awesome. Thanks again for checking out my blog. It really does mean the world to me. ❤
(And I also want to say a huge thank you to Aaron Ram, Zachary Cook, Steven Flynn and Kaytlyn Sanders — by contributing  this milestone is as much as yours as mine! Live it up!)

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