Rape Is Still Funny

It has been brought to my attention that my previous post, from May — titled “Rape is Funny” has hit the wrong nerve with people. 
And by it has been brought to my attention, I mean I have received messages on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, and now some people I knew at Arizona State University are demanding that I removed. They attempted to start a Facebook campaign, but my privacy settings were a bit too strict for them. (But don’t worry, I have since ease some of the restrictions, so you can try again — though I would recommend a change.org petition… those are better received). 
Fact of the matter is this: rape is not funny. But if we need humor as a means to talk about it, and bring attention to a reality that affects 207,000 plus women a year, then so be it. Every two minutes a woman is raped, and more often than not it’s by someone she knows.
When I worked for the State Press, at ASU, I wrote a very controversial piece, titled “In the Garden of Rape” — where I discussed how everyone, women especially, need to be conscious of those around them. That was in the middle of a wide-spread rape problem at ASU — where week after week, the State Press was reporting about incidents of rape. And almost all of them were by someone the girl knew.
And the fact of violence that rape is — is simply wrong. Rape isn’t funny. It’s a violation of the social contract we have with each other. It’s terrifying. It’s an act of violence worse than war. And it’s why I believe in serial rape cases, where the attacker has demonstrated no remorse and will likely do it again, they receive the death penalty. 
The folks I knew from ASU should know that I love the attention, and I invite them to continue demand that I take down my post. It probably will not happen. I have a strict no removal policy. Plus, thanks to them, that post is one of my best read ones, ever. But they haven’t “lost.”
And neither have I.
Because this was never a fight. 
Together, we have demonstrated the importance of talking about rape. And together, hopefully, one less person is raped, and maybe, just maybe, if we keep talking about it, there will be a day when together we can laugh about a problem that no longer exists.

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