How the President Will Win The Latino Vote

In the past, I have said that Romney knows nothing about immigration. It’s true. He doesn’t. But as the 2012 Presidential election gets underway, it looks like he will make a plea to the Latino/Latina population.
He is praying for the, excuse me, Hispanic vote, one that gave President Obama New Mexico in 2008. This year, a huge chunk of California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona (basically the majority of the southwest) as well as the very important swing-state Florida, will be up for grabs, as these folks are finally getting out to vote. The Latino vote could be a huge swing in this country, and the GOP has been struggling to connect with the Latino vote on the issue of immigration.
In the past, Romney, has had to pivot his statements, and now is relying on a political ally, and possibly Vice President nominee, Marc Rubio from Florida to draft his campaign’s message with a proposed policy shift.
The former Governor of Massachusetts has been attempting to round up some much needed support from the Latino/a population, and failing — or at least not winning them over like President Obama. 
President Obama continues to make bold political moves. When he said he supported gay marriage, it was a bold one — the first of it’s kind by a sitting President. And it’s high risk has paid off. It has won back the funding of the gays, and helped Obama take away a fifteen million dollar election payoff from Hollywood. The same goes with his recent shift in political and campaign strategy in terms of immigration. 
It all started with his State of the Union, when he said that it was unreasonable not to pass the Dream Act. He called on Congress to do it. He said he would sign it right away. It was never sent to his desk by Congress, so he went rouge with it. 
His recent policy shift that says children brought into this country illegally will not be deported is an important step — and a huge move during an election year. One that will pay off. Because while he gets praise the huge voting bloc, Romney looks like a fool. 
And just yesterday, the tables were turned yet again by the Supreme Court striking down most of the anti-immigration bill from Arizona, SB1070. That bill was a joke, one President Obama and his justice department said was illegal, and the Supreme Court agreed. 
The President did the smart thing of tying up the Latino/a vote before Governor Romeny even made up his mind about the DREAM act. By doing so President Obama ensured that they vote for him.

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