[Guest Post] Five Things To Get Over A Break Up

Guest Post By Aaron Ram
Check Out Aaron’s blog: My Life As It Were
Break ups suck, there’s no getting past that fact. It’s also best that we all agree that the post break up maintenance is equally if not more important than the actual break up itself. It’s well known that my last break up was a major incident to say the least and I do everything I can to not go into detail about it on this blog, soil leave it at that. However, I would like to share some ways that were taught to me of how to get over being charged to the game so to speak. Like I said, these effective methods were taught to me by a very valuable source and has helped a lot of others so you may want to take notes or bookmark this shit.

1. Get Out of the House: In any relationship a lot of time is spent inside, especially when you first get together because the house is where you do all of your fucking. Staying inside will inadvertently spark a shit ton of memories that you most likely won’t be able to deal with at the moment so getting out of the house whenever you can is key. Also when in the house do not turn on the radio and keep your television veiwing to a minimum.

2. Start Remembering Bad Shit: When those memories of the good times keep coming back, and they will, start remembering how perfect that motherfucker wasn’t. Start thinking of all the stank ass, trifling shit that they’ve done that you may have given them a pass on. All-Star Weekend always comes to my mind and several other incidents that I keep in mind. Also remember funny shit that they’ve told you post break up that makes you chuckle. Don’t dwell on good memories, think about the bad stuff.

3. Put Old Pictures Away: I don’t burn or throw away pictures, that’s lame. I just put them in the Heart Break box, yes that’s what I call it, and I leave them there. If I’m looking particularly awesome in the picture as I often do I’ll keep it around. You lived those memories and it makes you weak if you try to erase them from your life. Get yourself a Heart Break Box and put pictures there.

4. Get All of Your Emotions Out of Your System: This is a hard one because we all have different outlets to lettings out. Something that I do which works wonders is write letter I have no intentions of sending. Last year I wrote a lot and and letting all of that emotion out actually helped in a positive way. I never got closure from my last relationship, she’ll say different but whatever, however those letters helped. And if you relapse into memory write a new letter or do a freestyle rap or whatever the fuck you do and let out your emotions be they anger, sadness, apathy or anguish.

5. Get Some Good Superficial Street Booty: This is where your homies come into play. After a bad break up there’s no better medicine than some good old fashioned meaningless superficial fucking. Quite honestly this is the only time I would condone fucking a hoodrat. They prove very useful in this endeavor and like I said it’s meaningless. Do not start a new relationship as this is still the healing process, but get some street booty and that’ll start to build your confidence back up and when you’re ready you’ll be back in the game baby! 

Guest post by Aaron Ram, used with permission. 
For more by Aaron Ram, check out My Life As It Were
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