How the Hell Will I Quit Smoking?

Alright, so I am craving a cigarette right now.
For those of you who are my Facebook friend, or actually a friend of mine, you might know that I have had bronchitis for a few days and because of it, I am taking this as an opportunity to quit smoking.
It’s been a rough couple of days.
And as I type this, I want a cigarette really badly.
But in just under a month, on July 5th, I will have been clean of Meth, and other drugs, for a year, and know deep down that if I can quit using Meth cold turkey, then there is absolutely no reason I can’t do anything, including quitting one of my favorite vices.
I have always had a love/hate relationship with smoking. While in college it was a great mechanism to meeting new people. I met my first boyfriend over smoking breaks. But it also caused plenty of head colds and coughing fits.
And the smell.
The smell alone is unbearable. It attaches itself to everything you wear, your skin and is in your breath long after the post-smoke-break mint has been chewed up.
Now, I have only been smoking for a few years, and I have quit on-and-off again a few times over the past three years. But unlike all those other times I have quite, this time, I fully intend on it sticking.
And I suppose that’s how I’ll quit. One day at a time, and staying determined. That’s how I got off Meth, how I have stayed away from all the others I used, and how I will continue to get healthier and smarter. Not to mention sexier. 

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