We Can Do Better Than The Boy Scouts

This comes over a decade after the 1991 position statement released by the private organization that states the “[the Boy Scouts of America] believes that a known or avowed homosexual is not an appropriate role model of the Scout Oath and Law.” 
It also comes just days after a Zach Wahls, a 7 year old Boy Scout who has two mothers delivered 275,000 petition signatures demanding that they revisit their stand on homosexuality. Wahls was outraged when a den mother was revoked membership for being gay.
The real area of debate here, however, is not whether or not it is right or wrong for private organizations to be discriminatory. They can be selective when choosing their membership; federal law, court cases, especially ones centered around this issue have said they can. The real problem here is why on earth would any homosexuals want to be part of an organization that very clearly states homosexuality is not approperaite for their members?
I cannot fathom it. 
Because while teaching values to our children, we have to be conscious of what we are doing — and allowing our children to hear that the so-called “lifestyle” their own mother is living is not good enough is harmful to said children.
And let’s face it, children of lesbians might have a zero-percentage rate when it comes to abuse at home, as reported by the Huffington Post,  they will face plenty of discrimination and humiliation from their peers. Why allow them to participate in an instition where that discrimination and humiliation is embedded in their code of conduct?
Certainly, I am pleased that the Boy Scouts of America is considering a change in the awful policy, but we can do better than the Boy Scouts. We are gay after all. 

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