[Guest Post] Getting Back In The Game

Guest Post by Aaron Ram. Check out his blog “My Life As It Were“. 
Got an email yesterday from a reader asking me to write an entry for guys who’ve gotten out of long relationships and how they can get back into the dating world. Honestly, I thought I wrote about that a long ass time ago but apparently I didn’t after checking the blog archives. Well, since I do in fact have personal experience in just that, today’s entry is going to help the fellas who’ve been in long term relationships that didn’t go the way they planned and now they’re trying to get back into the dating. So here are five things that you fellas can do to get you back in the saddle with the ladyfolk:
Remember that the next chick is going to be better
So you’re newly single and like a bitch you think that the world is coming to an end? Firstly, cut that shit out and man the hell up because it’s not the end of the world. People break up and you are not an exception to this rule. When your relationship doesn’t work out you should always have something to learn about that relationship and about yourself so that going forward you can improve on everything across the board when it comes to dating. The next relationship that you get into, in some cases it may even be with the same person, is going to be better than the last one. If its not then you need to get away from that person because they aren’t the person for you. You need to remember that there are billions of people on the planet and not allow one to ruin your day.

Invest in yourself
Before you actually get back into the dating arena, take some time to change up your look a bit. Nothing too drastic, just something new to get your confidence back up. Go get a new haircut, go buy some new clothes and start going to new places and hang around positive people that’ll help build you up. The only permanent relationship you’ll ever have in your life is with yourself so make it a good one because if you’re not good to yourself no one else is going to be.

Don’t load your issues onto the next chick
When a woman asks you how your last relationship ended, she’s waiting for a diplomatic response that doesn’t make you sound like an asshole and NOT for you to lay down on her couch and start bellyaching about how the last chick did you wrong. You don’t want all that shit from her and she sure as shit doesn’t want to hear it from you. Check your emotions and don’t project that shit on someone else just because they might seem to want to listen. They’re just being polite and in most cases don’t really care to see you cry your eyes out. So man up and check those emotions.

Don’t scout for another relationship
You should never feel like you need to be in a relationship. Feeling like that will make you desperate and when a dude is desperate you can see it from looking at the caliber of women he’s dating. When a guy feels like he needs to be in a relationship, all logic and all of his standards go out of the window and he’s going to bang a few boogerwolves and that’s ok to a certain degree but never should you get in serious relationships with these broads because it’ll just bring you down. You’re better than that.

Take pussy off the pedestal
This is the most important step about getting back into the game for any dude. Stop putting extra value on pussy, once you do that you’ll notice that your actions aren’t being controlled by pussy. Women can tell when all they have to do is dangle sex in front of you and they can make you do all sorts of weird things that you normally wouldn’t do if you were in control of yourself. Another reason to take the pussy off the pedestal is think about how incredibly easy it is to get pussy these days. It’s an abundance of street booty out there so in reality the extra value you might be putting on the pussy is invalid because clearly these broads are still fucking. So put yourself on the pedestal for a change and value yourself as a man and the pussy will come. It hasn’t really gone anywhere. So take care of yourself and get your confidence back up and the women will always be there. Think about that and don’t forget to read. 

Check out Aaron’s blog “My Life As It Were” 
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