[Guest Post] Loyalty vs Disloyalty

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As per normal, albeit a sad normality, there’s a lot of fuckery going on with the lovely ladies out there. More so recently than in the last few months than I’ve really noticed and it really shows no signs of slowing down sadly. The thing that’s been bothering me lately with the lovely ladies out there is that the most vocal of them are the most deluded motherfuckers I’ve ever seen with a crazy false sense of entitlement. Sure, I’ve written about this before many times in this blog and trust me I’m not planning on beating that dead horse again because let’s face it, a lot of you ladies are hard headed and aren’t going to constructively listen anyway. However, I will take a moment to tell a lot of women out there the main reason that a lot of men simply aren’t fucking with you, it’s because you have no loyalty whatsoever. So allow me if you will to break down why your disloyal demeanor, ladies, might very well be the reason the boys aren’t calling. Let’s do this.

Now, from the sight of the word “loyalty” a lot of you reading this automatically assumed that this was an entry about cheating, I might spend a sentence or two addressing that because overall loyalty is a lot bigger than cheating on someone. When you’re in any type of relationship, be it business or personal there has to be some level of loyalty for those relationships to thrive. When some of you go to work, especially in an office, there are several pieces of legal paperwork you have to sign or else you will be escorted out of the building. These are basically loyalty contracts saying that should you ever leave that company, you won’t leak any information about how they operate to any competitors. Now let’s translate that to dating, a lot of you ladies display your disloyalty damn near immediately after the relationship goes south. You’ll put a dude’s business out in the street, post his number online, put him on some site like sorryassnanydaddies.com or anything just that stupid. There are bitches who get book deals and reality shows for throwing dudes under the bus. It really seems like that if you’ve given one athlete a hand job that’s a gateway to low budget fame as long as you have nothing but fucked up shit to say about the dude.

How is that disloyal Aaron? Well damn, how would you feel if that happened to you? If you’re with someone, eventually that person will trust you with a lot of sensitive information, that other party isn’t telling you that shit so that one day you can flip the script and make a buck off of them. It makes you look really fucked up in the process and the end result is always the same, the bitch that you made yourself into is going to be all the fuck alone. Ever notice that these broads who profit off of the secrets of other men never have thriving relationships? They never focus on that shit, they barely even have friends because every week on tv their fighting over something dumb as hell and the sad thing is a lot of you ladies aspire to be that way. I call you broads extra average ass hell.

In my experience, the most disloyal women on the planet are the American Black women. Get angry all the fuck you want, everyone knows this fact as it’s been a fact since slavery. Black women display their disloyalty, primarily to the black man, in a few ways but usually there’s one common thread involved in all of these ways and pardon me if you think I’m sounding racist, but that common thread is a white man. Think about that for just a second, or if you don’t want to get some real knowledge just skip to the next paragraph. Whenever a black man in the media is being thrown under the bus there can always be two entities present and accounted for: a black woman and a white man. Examples include, but aren’t limited to: Don Imus calling that basketball team nappy headed hos and Oprah using that as another reason to throw rappers (who are primarily black men) under the bus, almost all American slave revolts in the south (none of them were successful due to the female house slave and in some cases the house nigger), in the late 80s and early 90s when rap music had a ton of Congressional Hearings, the lead congress people were a white man and a black woman, George Bush and Condoleezza Rice, that chick who said that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas put his pubes in her drink and the list goes on. I’m not making this shit up and if you want real life examples ask any black dude who works in an office, nine times out of ten there’s a black chick at his job that makes it her business to make his life hell, especially if it’s an old black woman or a black hoodrat. This is why hoodrats can get jobs in fortune 500 companies because they’ll defend the shit out of a job and will show the fuck out to do so especially if it means throwing a brother under the bus and they wonder why no one is trying to fuck with them on a serious level.

So what can you do, ladies, to be more loyal to the men in your life? Stop gossiping. That should be a given. Also, just be what you want the man in your life to be to you but at the same time remind yourself that he is a man and in most cases, especially mine, he’s the leader of the team and you need to have a level of respect for that leader. If you’re a chick and said to yourself something on the lines of “well what about my needs?”, guess what, I’m not talking about the men doing shit for you right now. That’s where a lot of you women get the whole game fucked up because you have a “what’s in it for me” mentality. How about doing shit without expecting anything? Isn’t that what you ladies tell us? Also, of any of the things and behaviors I’ve described sound like you, and this applies to all races, don’t ever refer to yourself as a queen. I say that because back when kings and queens were relevant, if the queen ever did anything that showed any sort of disloyalty to the king that bitch had to go, it was off with her head. Nowadays, kings such as myself, we’ve traded in the guillotine and now we simply charge you disloyal bitches to the game. Think about that and do not forget to read.

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