Being a homosexual man means that sometimes, many times, it is nearly impossible to relate to my heterosexual counterparts. I am not sure what it is, though if I were to guess, it could be that I tend to hit on anything that is male and moves. Whatever.
Relating to heterosexual males honestly has never been on the top of my list of things to do. However, as iREADray becomes the empire that I envision, apparently I have to. In the past, I have tried. The best read post ever was about More Girls Kissing Girls.
But that isn’t enough. And short of writing about sports (though it’s not off the table, I do love my hockey – and the Capitals did just win their past two games – hoping for another win tomorrow), the next best thing is girls.
Girls bring in straight guys. And so I sat down and I thought. Then I did a bit of market research. Then I did some polling. And looked at a ton of numbers.
Having never been too terribly intimate with a girl, I fail to see the appeal of women. However, all the numbers suggest that this is a good chunk of a market that I want in on.
Thus, I am very pleased to announce another part of the empire that is becoming and this is the new Tumblr account, titled boobsmyXwoodluv.
Those of you who know me, or who have been checking this site out for awhile probably know about, my ex, the Joker’s fascination with boobs. And not just any boobs, but insanely large ones. Well, considering that I do not understand the fascination or really the appeal to the nude body of a woman, I will now be attempting to channel my sexually-confused-over-privileged-inner-white-boy and will be posting images and gif’s on this sister Tumblr account, under the empire.
Consider this a side project. And most importantly, my way of exploiting heterosexual guy’s addiction to breasts. ❤
PS – Thank you for making iREADray such a success this far, readership is through the roof, and this little ol’ blog by yours truly is taking off. Remember, we are always interested in guest bloggers, if you’re interested please email me at

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