Lewd and Indecent

I just got turned down by an advertising site who I wanted to advertise here on iREADray.com, because my blog is not family-friendly. And by that, I mean that I use fuck too often, and I post “lewd and indecent” content. 
Apparently, my post about lesbian eroticism (my most read post, ever, by the way) was the one that got me voted off the island. 
This is from my Tumblr page. Do you think this is lewd and indecent? Or artistic and funny?
In what might be a concerning enlightenment for me, I do not find what I post lewd nor indecent. I certainly post, about sex, however there is nothing else that makes us so incredibly alike. As humans, we might come from different backgrounds, we might come from different social classes. We might be very classy or complete sluts, but adults from across all aisles almost always have sex.
That’s one of the things that I love most about sexuality. And why I will never stop writing, talking, or being a sexual person. 
Needless to say, sex does sell, and I am already in discussion with other advertisers. 
With that being said, it is sad, that in our society and by society I mean in the United States, we can have all the violence in the world on television, in video games, and in movies, but the moment sex is in the picture, it’s lewd and indecent. 
My post about More Girls Kissing Girls discusses a physical condition that occurs when heterosexual males see two women kissing. And how women monopolize on that. I just read an article that said female bonobos use homosexual sexual relations to gain social status — same thing happens in females. All because the male reacts to two women doing it in an overtly sexual, and innate way. Straight men anyway. 
That’s fascinating to me. That doesn’t seem lewd of indecent, it’s factual, it’s interesting, and it’s something all of us engage in, in some form or fashion.

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