A Face Lift For iREADray

For awhile now, I have talked about the http://www.iREADray.com empire that I am creating. Those who have followed by blog since 2009, 2010, or even 2011, will be excited about these awesome changes and “face lift” that we are incorporating on the site. (And if you are checking this site out for the first time ever, welcome. You have made a wise decision at an awesome time). 
Alright, so as you will note, there are various links at the top of the page. These links are other sites to which iREADray has splashed on to. This is part of the new iREADray we are creating. It’s the right step toward creating an empire that I am excited about.
There are Images, that link takes you to the Tumblr account for iREADray. Here I include awesome pictures I find all over the web, and want to highlight. This keeps to my theme of politics, sex, and entertainment — and ventures into all areas. Basically, I post whatever I like. (Please note, my Tumblr account is not for the kids. There are x-rated pictures that I post [usually not of me] as well as a variety of other slightly more edgy material). You can follow me on Tumblr, or just follow iREADray.com, and click that link to check it out. It’s always fun, and if you don’t mind a few naked men every once in awhile, it’s fun. 
There is also a link to my Twitter. This is just a simple link to the iREADray Twitter account. In less than a 140 characters, I include links to my blog, thoughts on politics, attempts to get Daniel Tosh (the host of Tosh.O) to sleep with/marry me, shout-outs to Britney, and often I like to tease my friends. 
There is also a link to my YouTube account. This is where I post videos of all sorts of things, from Presley, the Dog, to a song my Dad and his band created. It’s all fun, mostly G-rated, and will be where I post my music video for various singles from my first complete album, Big Gay Superstar. 
Speaking of which, there is also a link to that, under Music. 
Basically, iREADray is the epicenter for exciting, fun things that cross my mind. It’s the epicenter for my creative madness. 
Yes, I will continue to highlight various elements from these awesome places right here on iREADray, but if you ever need an additional fix, these links posted at the top are a good place to enjoy elements of the iREADray empire. 
Lots of love, and thanks for reading — following me, and my creative madness as we progress forward. ❤

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