Take A Lesson From The President, Brewer

Making a mockery of herself, and once again embarrassing Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer’s latest assault on our President shouldn’t come as any surprise.
Just yesterday, while President Obama was visiting Intel, a thriving business in Chandler, Arizona (the city I am from, and worked for, for six years) — the Governor apparently yelled at the President, over her book “Scorpions for Breakfast.” In it, she apparently accuses the President of not being kind enough and for “lecturing” her when she visited the White House last year. 
This obviously upset President Obama, and he said as much when the two met yesterday. She got upset, probably because she knew she was lying and so did the President — he just has the balls to call her out on it.
It’s amusing to me that Governor Jan Brewer, a lady who won her bid for reelection with too many votes, and who has too little schooling (she never went to college — why bother, I suppose) and who is a huge advocate for the controversial, and mostly now useless and unconstitutional, SB1070 law, would be so offended that the President of the United States not only invited her to the White House, but would go as far as “lecturing” her.

She eats scorpions for breakfast, but she can’t deal with the most powerful and one of the smartest men in the world giving her advice on what she is doing. Lord knows she needs it.
By attacking the President as soon as he got off the plane, she did what Arizona politicians are good at, she made a scene, got some free airtime, free press, and even got bloggers like me to write about her. 
But Governor Jan Brewer is, and forever will remain an idiot. She obviously is attempting to launch herself on to some sort of national campaign, maybe to get a place as Vice President on the GOP Presidential ticket, or possibly just sell more books, either way, she has yet to do what is best for Arizona.
Instead she has cut education funding significantly, she has sold off state owned buildings and now is wasting tax-dollars to buy them back noting that it was a mistake, passed laws to scare off businesses from moving to Arizona, scared off industries completely by passing immigration laws that are illegal (and later most of them were struck down in courts), denied rights to the partner’s of state workers, and even stopped any conversation with unions over wages, working conditions, and so on.

Governor Brewer is, just like any other politician, one that cares only about her political future, and ambitions, and as she demands that the President of the United States take a lesson from her playbook, maybe it’s the Governor who should take a lesson from the President’s State of the Union, or even better, from the military — about working hard, together, putting aside differences to get a job done.

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