Washington State Set to Legalize Gay Marriage

I hate Miley Cyrus. There, I said it. 
She is beyond odd looking, which I could get over, if she wasn’t as well known in various country-song-loving-circles. And then there is the entire fact that when she was spotted smoking something that looked like weed out of something that looked like a bong, she denied it, and claimed it was spice, a synthetic drug that isn’t illegal (yet) but far more harmful… Just smoke a joint, is what I wanted to tell her. She really just pisses me off.
But she does have a song the song “The Climb” which I feel like articulates the gay marriage movement to a perfect tee.
I just learned, via my Tumblr, that the state of Washington is ready to legalize same-sex marriage. Apparently, they have all the votes necessary to pass this legislation and become the seventh state in the United States to legalize marriage between two loving adults (who just happen to be of the same-sex). 
Awhile ago, I read a friends of mine Facebook status that seemed angry that the process to which we are getting our rights is slow. To him, I said, that civil rights always take a long time to become mainstream, and even when the majority of Americans feel that same-sex marriage should be legal, the laws are playing catch-up.
It sucks. But this is where even Miley knows what she is talking about. Because, life is never easy, but instead it’s about the climb. If marriage was legal for gays already, then we wouldn’t value it as highly as we do. I know that marriage, at least to me, is a beautiful celebration of love and committment and I not only intend on getting married someday, but staying married forever.
We are fighting for love, and right to pursue happiness, and nothing, no one, no law, no group or Super Pac, will stand in our way. Yes, laws need to be changed. Yes, politicians need to be replaced. Yes, there is a long battle ahead of us, but that beautiful light at the end of the tunnel keeps us motivated, and makes the climb all the worthwhile. 

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