Gabby Giffords Is A Classy Lady

Years ago, I was in Tuscon for a Young Democrats of Arizona conference. I had gone for political reasons. Not only did I need to gain some momentum and political support while running for office, but I wanted to keep in line all of the LGBT nonsense that was being added to the LGBT plank. They needed (and thankfully, with my not-so-nice motion added) gender identity to their non-discrimination and political allying language.
All around, however, the conference was incredibly boring. There wasn’t anything new to be learned. All of the candidates that were there, later lost (every fucking one of them, myself included) and so I left the conference in the middle of it to go with a friend of mine to the office opening party of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.
I had never met Gabby until this day. But I had always supported her, and knew she was a voice of reason, who often fought for her constituents. The guy I went with was all sorts of awesome. He had worked countless hours in the past tohelp her get re-elected, and Gabby knew him by his first name. 
After meeting her, any doubt that she could someday be Governor of Arizona, if not President of the United States was gone. She was smart, kind, and truly cared about her constituents, and even those who weren’t her constituents (like myself) but supported her none-the-less. 
The day she was shot, I was sitting in a mental hospital. I was there for only twenty-four hours, a near personal record (the actual personal record was when I walked in and walked out less than an hour later). I remember watching the news, because that’s all they play in those places, which I do not understand, and being heart-broken that Arizona’s hope was possibly dead.
The attendants turned off the television for fear that the news was upsetting, which it was, and it wasn’t until a full twenty-four hours later that I learned the awful details.
Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, one of Arizona’s biggest champions of mental health was shot by a mentally ill person, and I first heard about this news while in a state mental health facility. 
It is a tragedy what happened to her and the others who were fatally shot and those who were wounded, but the fact that she is not taking this tragedy and going about life sad, or heart-broken, but rather bravely recovering, healing, and still standing up for what’s best for Arizona is beyond classy.
She understands that though public support is behind her, she cannot do her job as a Congresswoman. And instead of wasting tax-payer money on her salary, she is stepping aside to let her constituents do what they can to choose who is best to replace her.
But no-one can replace the legacy that Giffords leaves behind .Because while there is constant corruption within politics, and most politicians only care about their political future, Giffords cares about her people, her most recent gesture of resigning illustrates that. 
Representative Gabby Giffords is, and forever will be, a classy lady.


  1. This is beautiful! I have so much respect for Rep. Gifford and I can only hope that she will continue someday with her political career.

  2. Thank you! She has always put the people she cares about first, and her resigning is such a clear example of that. I am very excited to see what Representative Giffords has accomplished in ten, twenty, thirty years. She is such an inspiration, it's incredible!

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