Britney Is Changing The Way We Speak

My neighbor, future roommate, and new BFF would find this article fairly fascinating, I think. It discusses how young women are changing the way they speak to sound more like my idol, the lovely Ms. Britney Spears. 
According to the article, a small study was done analyzing how college-age women speak, and found that they go from high to low pitches — to sound more raspy. Doing this, according to the article, is often deemed as a speech disorder, especially after extensive use of it.
And frankly, it has me wondering why I love Britney so much. Certainly, there is the gay factor — what gay man doesn’t love Britney? — but considering that when I was younger I had a speech impediment, perhaps my love for her goes deeper. Perhaps my love for her is that I not only enjoy listening to her, but enjoy singing along with her due to my own speaking disabilities. 
Either way, it is interesting. The article does go on to say that young women probably aren’t going to experience any real damage to their vocal chords because they only really do it at the end of their sentences, and that it is likely a fad. 

But it is, again, interesting. 
I might not be a linguist like my BFF, but I have always found language fascinating. As a writer, I don’t know how I couldn’t.
One topic I have wanted to post about for awhile now is this almost new language that has stemmed from the use of the Internet. It’s quite prevalent in the underworld, in rap music, but is certainly leaking into mainstream society as well. This is where things like “shorty” and “solider” and so on come from. 
When the Joker was pissed at me, he posted something on Facebook that said: “PS – No one gives a shit about Bigfoot anymore.”
Amused, I went to Urban Dictionary’s website and found out exactly what Bigfoot was. It’s a “loudmouth” as I learned. He was no doubt referring to me, and because of that post, I went back and looked up all of the various things he had posted and written to me, and found that the kid, for as dumb as he might be, knows a language I never knew existed. (Side note: I love Bigfoot, and believe he/it exists and am hella proud I could be called such a thing).
Language is fascinating, and I view it like I view most things, it being fluid, ever changing, and incredibly powerful. I mean, Britney Spears can change the way young women are speaking, and the internet can change the way we are writing — how cool is that? 

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