7 Things I Learned About Blogging

Unless everyone suddenly stops reading my blog (which considering even when I write nothing, there’s a handful of folks who check this daily so that appears unlikely, but y’all are crazy so who knows…) — it appears January will be iREADray’s most read month, ever. Thus, I wanted to share a few things I have learned about blogging for all those aspiring young bloggers out there, because you can not only make money at this, but you can have fun while doing it.
1. Write what you know. One of the top things I have learned is to write about things I know, or at least care about. If you don’t know what you’re writing about, research it, thus find sources, treat your blog like you’re attacking a college essay. At least this is how I do it. You think I knew anything about the lesbian erotica when I started writing the post about More Girls Are Kissing Girls, nope. This gay guy knew nothing about what is arousing about women, specifically girls getting it on gay-style, thus I researched it — and I did it because I am interested in sex. That paid off too, considering that that post is one of my most read ones, ever. 
2. Pick a position different from your own. Often, I write about shit I do not agree with. Some of the positions I take, people I endorse, and folks I pick on are completely different than my own, but you know what does? Makes me find loop holes in my arguments, so I can basically argue better.
3. Advertise. This is also known as spamming. Spam your friends, family, coworkers, people on the street, and one-night stands. Tell them about your blog. Advertise on every social media site you know of. I promise, it will pay off.
4. Do what you want. One of my friends said awhile ago, my blog can be anything I want it to be. Thus, it changes, all the fucking time. Sometimes I feel like posting a picture, sometimes I feel like posting a song, sometimes I feel like writing a confessional, other times, I like to write about politics. Or most times I like to write about Britney (who is getting married, by the way — so fucking excited for her!). It’s your blog, have fun, folks. God knows I do. 
5. Get them. Keep them. I write about politics a lot. And knew my Ron Paul post would be a nice grabber — thus I made sure that various topics about sex would also be appearing on my page at the same time. Why, you ask. Well, here’s the deal: Ron Paul is well liked by the 20-30 year old crowd. Specifically males. I am gay, and often write about heart-felt shit, and as I said, Britney. The combination doesn’t really get straight men to iREADray, but Ron Paul would. I also knew that this specific group is basically a group of horned up men. So, by posting about Ron Paul, and having other posts about sex appear on the right hand side, iREADray became a sausage fest. Yes, that’s right Ron Paul supporters, I used you. Feel cheap? Then stop supporting a dumb ass for President. 
6. When in doubt, take off your clothes. The moment I created my iREADray logo to include me in my underwear, I not only got several sexual propositions, but I got plenty of readers, or at least repeat visitors to jack-off to my picture regularly. Here’s a fact though folks, that picture, as are all my pictures on here, are airbrushed, somewhat excessively. Yeah, I am sexy, but that picture made you want me. I like having the power over you. 
7. Have a plan. A mission. When I first started out, I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. But now I have a plan, a solid mission if you will, and when I get my mind set on doing something, it’s nearly impossible to stop me. Thus, I post, even stupid shit I never thought I would, because it’s all about the mission. Will I tell anyone my complete mission, nope. But I will say, I have used my blog to a) pick up guys b) get a job c) scold my exes/make fun of them for being fucking weird d) heal e) launch my CD and f) get a whole shit ton of people here, reading this. Your blog could be your lively hood, and if not, it’s fun to do, anyway. ❤

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