Life Is Good, Real Good

It is truly remarkable how beautiful life is once you get the poisons out of it. Here is where I am at, for those who use iREADray as means to keep up with my ever changing life:
1. I met a very nice, successful, drug free guy and went on a date. I am not sure if I like him or not, but being the gentleman that he is, he is not pressuring me into anything, and is a truly nice guy. He is 28, works for the government and though we’ve only had one date, I can tell he is interested. I am going to let this one play out, slowly — VERY slowly, and if nothing else, it’s nice to go out on a proper date, and to be courted. 
2. I have two amazing jobs, and am working my ass off at both of them. Because of my awesome personality (at least, I am assuming this) and my good work ethic, I am finding myself successful and well liked at both of them as well. This is refreshing and rewarding.
3. Because I have been working my ass off so much, it looks like I will be in a place to sign on to a lease within two to four weeks. This is also an amazing feeling, and honestly, it’s like I am finally, FINALLY getting my feet back on solid ground.
4. I realized that I am smarter than I have ever been. My book smarts were dormant for a good year, where I picked up valuable street smarts, and know now that I can depend on myself. Having these two qualities I believe is vital in order to have a balanced life. I don’t take bullshit from anyone, and feel completely comfortable in my own skin. It’s beautiful. 
5. I have never been prouder of myself. I am working hard, making amazing friends, and wake up everyday feeling both thankful and happy that God has granted me this amazing chance to live. I know now that the only thing that will ever stop me from being both successful and happy is myself. And I ain’t standing in my way ever again. 

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