In With the New, Out With the Old

Today would have marked two years of the Joker and I dating. The fact that I remember these stupid anniversary dates is beyond me, it either tells me that I am a romantic at heart or completely and utterly crazy. I am going with the first one, despite how true that latter may be.
Regardless, there are certainly many reasons why I could — and some would even say should — be sad. But truth of the matter is, I am far from it. Sad was our relationship, our break-up, our lives during and after which we dated. 
And I am done being sad.
I long ago heard the best revenge is living well, and I have to tell you, I am living well. I am finally getting back on my feet, working my ass off at two jobs — and doing what is even more important and that is getting rid of these negative memories, and replacing them with positive ones.
Before I moved to New York, and subsequently Virginia after that, I went to northern Arizona with two of my best friends in the entire world. On the way there, or perhaps it was the way (I am not entirely sure), one of my best friends put on a song by Basshunter, titled “I Can Walk On Water.” I hadn’t heard the song for months and months because it reminded me of the Joker. The first and only rave I ever went to was the one that Basshunter played at, and I went with, you guessed it, the Joker.
Well, hearing the song with my two best friends, while in one of my favorite places on earth was beyond enough for me to not only appreciate Basshunter on a new, healthier, and happier level, but it reminded me that sometimes — many times — you need people in your life to help you move on. They helped me. I would even go as far as to say that they saved me. And now, whenever I need to feel awakened, or just get my ass in gear so I get to work on time, I listen to Basshunter and am not only happily reminded of two of the most amazing people in the world, but also proud of me for making a new connection to a song that at one point had the power to break me. 
So rather be sad about today, or even really continue remembering this two year could-of been anniversary, I am more than excited that forever today will mark the day that the job I got a week after moving here, one that brought back my pride — starts. 
It’s in with the new and out with the old as far as I am concerned. Life is about happiness, and not letting that happiness be in the hands of others, but if it is, at least make sure it’s the right kind of folks, yourself included. 
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