Romney Knows Nothing About Immigration

Apparently, I am being seen as a Romney loyalist, because of the iREADray endorsement of him. Well, folks, I have something to say about this — I think former Governor Romney is a tool, and I think his most recent endorsement by Kris Kobach, the guy who drafted the straight-up discriminative SB1070 bill in Arizona (which would have — if the Arizona Supreme Court hadn’t thrown that part out — allowed police officers to demand proof of citizenship against those they were racially profiling) is an excellent example of that.

Here’s an awesome fact for you, Massachusetts doesn’t really have that many illegal immigrates. The fact that he has somehow convinced Kobach to endorse him, is beyond me. But as the former Governor of a state with an estimated 87,000 illegal immigrates, former Governor Romney does not have experience in dealing with this complicated, under-funded, under-cared-about issue.

Massachusetts falls far behind the over two million (estimated) illegal immigrants in California, and places 15th on the list of states who have to deal with this issue.

He simply has no experience.

How he went about getting an endorsement from a guy who is from a state with even fewer immigrants will forever puzzle me, but c’mon, how much can a Governor of a state that does not even touch another country be able to know about this issue — it’s almost as if he too can see Russia from his house.  

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