iREADray Endorses Kyrsten Sinema for Congress

I just learned that Kyrsten Sinema is running for Congress in the 9th Congressional District in Arizona. And while I have wanted to hold off on endorsing any Congressional delegates, I am beyond excited that finally someone I can support is running for office.
State Senator Sinema has been a god-send for Arizona. She has done everything in her power to ensure that the middle-class is not completely forgotten by the power-hungry politicians who are running Arizona. She has stood toe-to-toe with Governor Brewer fighting for the rights of the middle-class.
She was also there when I needed someone to save me from my abusive relationship.
State Senator Sinema is beyond a viable candidate for Congress, and it is with great pride, honor and excitement that iREADray endorses her for Congress. Just watch her campaign video to know why supporting Kyrsten Sinema for Congress is not only easy, but the right thing to do for Arizona.

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