The iREADray GOP Presidential Primary Endorsement!

If you remember correctly, in 2010, right before the election, iREADray did the impossible, in making endorsements for proposition issues and state-wide candidates in Arizona. Because of how well received that was among Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, we will be continuing the tradition, but more on a national level — because I ain’t in Arizona anymore. So folks, here it is:
Our endorsement for the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary goes to…
Michele Bachmann
Herman Cain
Newt Gingrich
Jon Huntsman
Ron Paul
Rick Perry
Buddy Roemer
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum
—–> Despite his flaws, and bittersweet reception among the Grand Old Party, former Governor Romney has the stamina of a a bull. He has wonderful fund-raising potential/ability, and has remained at the top of the polls despite his many flaws. There is no perfect candidate in this bunch, but Romney is the best that the Republican party has mustered up. Additionally, he has one thing that all of the other candidates do not have, and that is seriousness. He means business, and is the only one of the pack who actually can muster support from Independents, which will be vital in kicking President Obama out of the Oval office, or at least give him a run for his money. Above all else, however, former Governor Romney has a jobs plan — a 59-step one, that could, in fact, help the economy and put American’s back to work. Read other iREADray posts about Mitt Romney.
The problems with the other candidates are as follows:
Michele Bachmann. Her nickname is crazy eyes, for starters. Additionally, she hasn’t done well fund raising, lacks organization, and has a gay husband who she has tried to keep in the closet, but who keeps coming out saying he wants to prosecutes gays. Not a real winner among Independents. Plus, she lacks experience, which is vital in running the country, as we know from our current President. I am also skeptical of her ability to actually run this country because she is part of the “party of no” — that being the more recently elected Congressmen and women who have stood in the way to our economic recovery. 
Herman Cain. Sex addict. Dropped out of the race because of it. He also lied about it, and demanded evidence of his sexual addiction — dumb move — because once evidence was provided, it was a problem. 
Newt Gingrich. He has too much political baggage, and wants to turn the United States into a police state by attacking the Supreme Court for making rulings he things are against the will of the American people. Never-mind that the Supreme Court was created to protect minorities from dictators like him. Voting for him will not only hand the election to President Obama, but will likely keep the Republican party out of the White House for years to come. He is quite possibly the most dangerous candidate. Additionally, he took money from Frannie Mac, has paid quite a bit due to his legal when he was once in charge, and I think quite possibly lacks a conscious. Not to mention his lack of morals, considering he has cheated several times on his wifes, which is simply unacceptable in my eyes.  
Jon Huntsman. I like Huntsman. He is a liberal at heart, I think, just like I am. And that’s why he doesn’t get the endorsement. He isn’t a good fit for the Republican party. I would vote for him, but the Republican base wouldn’t. He also lacks fund raising abilities and really hasn’t had a chance to see his campaign take off because of it. His pro-choice views, as well as support for gay marriage are things I admire, but things the GOP doesn’t, and I am attempting to view this endorsement as a possible GOP voter (although I am in Virginia, so I can’t really vote in the primary, because there’s like two names on the GOP’s primary ballot here — and because you have to sign a pledge saying you’ll support whoever the nominee might be — which I wholehearted disagree with). 
Ron Paul. Initially, I was drawn to Ron Paul because of his almost existentialist views on various things. Not only does he want to get rid of the IRS, but has a very “domestic issues first, foreign everything second” state of mind. However, as I said in my post about him needing to take responsibility for the racist and offensive newsletters he made over a million dollars from. It would be one thing if he said he wrote garbage, made some money from it, and was sorry, and didn’t believe those things, however, he hasn’t. Instead he has lied about it, and that is unacceptable. The last thing we need is another lying President. We had Clinton for that.

Rick Perry. The current Governor of Texas might be running the worst serious campaign in modern history. Not only did he not listen to his campaign strategist and made the offending “Strong” video, but he continues to change his mind, on issues like abortion, the DREAM act, and has insulted his own people by saying the lack a heart. I was very much impressed by him early on, but the way he is running his campaign is like watching a bad car accident, he doesn’t get the endorsement, simply because he continues to try get into the hearts of people, and in this economic mess, we don’t need heart, we need brains, something he just “don’t got.” Read other iREADray posts about Rick Perry. 

Buddy Roemer. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know who Roemer was until I found him listed as a candidate for President. He hasn’t made even a splash in the media, and obviously is unable to even get on most polls. He can’t fund raise, either. Being from Louisiana, Roemer was once a Democrat (which I can’t really hold against him, as I believe Perry and Romney were both Democrats before — which will, I assure you, come up again on iREADray), and things the focal point to his campaign is campaign finance reform. Here’s the deal Buddy, it isn’t. The American people, Democrat or Republican, need jobs. It’s as simple as that.

Rick Santorum. I sort-of feel bad for Santorum, mostly because gay columnist/sex advice giver/general badass has redefined his name. I won’t go into the details here, but let’s just say, Santorum must really hate Savage. With that aside, Santorum is terribly funded. Terribly. He simply can’t get money in his pockets, and likely won’t last past Iowa. He doesn’t really have a jobs plan either, and even went as far in endorsing Mitt Romney in 2008 (no joke, you can’t make this shit up). He hasn’t done that much good for Pennsylvania, where he’s from, and basically, might be getting a late surge in the polls, but lacks the organization to make it to the finish line. Oh, and since you ask so nicly, here’s what Santorum means, thanks to Mr. Savage.

I just want to take a quick second to say that despite iREADray endorsing Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential Primary, this shouldn’t be confused as an endorsement for President… that will come at a later date and time. With the Iowa Caucuses just a day or so away, I hope this guide can help those unsure where they stand. If you want a strong candidate to take on President Obama, then Romney is your man.

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