New Years Goals 2012

I really like this entire blog thing, because last year I posted my New Year’s “goals” (because I don’t like resolutions, those suggest that I have done something wrong, instead of, I rather like to improve upon the awesomeness that is me).
I have, for the most part, accomplished everything on that list. I got over my ex, and don’t really miss him. I hate that he hates me, but I suppose that was my intention post-breakup to ensure that he in fact stopped talking to me. So kudos there. I moved, twice. Found love. Obviously have been writing more, including everyday. 
I haven’t graduated yet. But I know I will, someday. I also haven’t quit smoking, but that too is coming. So, I must say I am comfortable with myself and the things I have accomplished thus far.
This year, I want to do the following:
Protect Myself
I am not going into details for any of those things. Those who know me, know what it’s all about. Those that don’t, well, read my blog, I am quite honest on here, and think life should be an open book. 
Thanks for reading my blog. It has continued to grow well beyond my expectations and I am excited for what’s to come with it. And frankly, I am hella proud of it so far.  ❤

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