Governor Perry Wants to Throw A Gay Parade

I am really wondering about Texas Governor Rick Perry’s sexuality. 
There was the entire campaign video titled “Strong”, where he wore the same jacket found in overly acclaimed movie Brokeback Mountain, and the music was done by Aaron Copland, who was an outspoken gay Jew.
Then there is this website, that has all of the rumors in one spot suggesting that Governor Perry is not only gay, but a whore too. 
Now, he is trashing President Obama for not throwing a parade for the troops as they come back from Iraq, suggesting that by not having a parade, President Obama is disrespecting the troops, and is unpatriotic. 
One problem with Governor Perry’s logic, however, is that now the gays can serve openly in the military, homosexuality is running rampant in the ranks. So, to suggest that he wants to throw them a parade, is really just him complaining how badly he wants to throw his own gay pride parade. 
Considering everything, I have to wonder if this is Governor Rick Perry’s first time with a corn dog in his mouth.
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I say we let him do it. 
Truth of the matter is, I agree with the Governor’s believe that we should welcome home the troops. But, as the writer to the Daily Kos article that reported this said, there are many other ways we can welcome home the troops, such as offering them a job, a home, and even money for their service. I agree with all that.
And I agree with Governor Perry about the parade thing too.
Sure his logic is quite off. He can’t suggest that the military is now full of homos and how he dislikes them in one instance and then as his poll numbers dive, say he wants to throw them a parade. 
Unless he is trying to come out. Maybe he is. Regardless, I say we get him a rainbow pride flag and an HRC
sticker at once. 
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