Not Just Your Average Blogger

 As a writer, I have been told to write specifically for my “niche.” This is what all of my writing instructors, teachers, professors, and career advisors all have in common. 

But I am a Renaissance man, and am interested in far too many things to just write for one area. Certainly, I love to write about Britney Spears. And I love to write about issues affecting the gay community. And then there’s politics. 

But my blog isn’t the only writing I do. Besides being an award winning writer, and writing for various publications, such as Unicorn Booty, and so on, I also like to write poetry, fiction, and even song lyrics. In fact, my friend, the lovely Paulina Vo and I wrote this song (I wrote most of the lyrics, she did all the other awesomeness to it, like writing the actually chords, and singing it). She is incredibly talented and took the mess of lyrics that I wrote and made it beautiful, that’s what she does. 
For me, you have to be versatile in everything you do. I love to write, it doesn’t really matter what it is I am writing. Sure, I am way opinionated and have many views that I like to share to whom ever the fuck listens, but in general, writing is how I live. And it’s one of the reasons I know I am in such a good place in life, because I write more now than I have, ever. 

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