Ron Paul Needs A Lesson On Responsibility

I really don’t like to be responsible. I mean, who doesn’t miss the good ol’ days when cooking, cleaning, laundry, and even the bills were taken care of by your parents? I know I certainly do. 
But as I have learned, especially this past year, you sort-of have to. Sure, you’ll mess up, and we all make mistakes, but the measure of a man’s/womyn’s character is owning up to those mistakes and attempting to not only not repeat them (even if you do), but to own up to them — at least to the best of your ability.
And that’s exactly what is making me most irritated by Congressman Ron Paul.

I know of another President who lied — his name was Nixon. But even he took responsibility in the end. Unlike Paul. Photo via  Activist Post. 

As a Congressman, Paul is explicitly in a position in which he should be used to taking responsibility. But the stakes are higher now, because, like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, he has been running for President for more than five years. 
So why can’t Congressman Ron Paul just tell us the truth? 
You see, some fifteen years ago, Paul came out with newsletters that were, at best, racist. He said 95% of black men in the DC are were racist. He made more than a million bucks for his comments.

He is now denying he ever said a thing.

Never mind that his name, logo, and signature were on these racist bulletins. Never mind that there is video footage of the Congressman  talking about them. Nope, he didn’t do it, he says.

And that’s the problem. Because if he went around saying yes, that he did write those horrible things and he took responsibility for them, saying he messed up, he was sorry — he would learn. He would gain my respect. I know how difficult is it to say you messed up.

But to continue to lie, well, that speaks a lot about a person’s character, and he obviously needs a lesson on how to take responsibility.

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  1. Really!!!!! he said all of this. could you post a link to the interview or the video of him saying this please? i would love to hear him actually say what you have quoted him as saying. if you can provide this you will be doing more than the MSM who have only had some news letters that he didn't know exactly what was written in them to talk about. what you say though is explosive. You are actually saying that he 'SAID IT' ive got to see this to believe it. of course you could just be exaggerating in which case ive read the letters and ive heard Ron Paul speak so i know he didn't say those things and i choose to believe his explanation that he did not know about the content of all the letters.

  2. You contradict yourself pretty badly here. You are suggesting I am \”saying\” something while arguing that Congressman Paul hasn't \”said it\” — I wrote it, he wrote those damn newsletters, same thing. Quit playing dumb.

  3. The amount of vitriol he gets for every mistake he makes is way out of proportion. He's under intense scrutiny, and should be. But he passes all of it for me. I definitely do not believe he is racist. Every passionate reform he wishes to make is against collectivism, of which racism is one especially ugly example. He wants to end drug laws which are fundamentally racist. Your position, I feel, is poorly researched.

  4. You candidate, I feel, is racist. His newsletters, which he denies writing, are a prime example of that. Just because he wants to end the war on drugs (which I do, to some extent, give him props for) doesn't mean that he shouldn't take responsibility for these newsletters, own up to them, and move on. Because he won't take responsibility for them, despite a heck of a lot of evidence that proves he wrote them, I stand by my statement that he needs a lesson in responsibility. He made a mistake, if that's what he thinks they are (and what you say they are) and won't admit it — that's just not something I think a man running for President should be doing. Simple as that.

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