Cucumbers (And Bananas) Are Sexually Arousing, At Least To Some

I once had a boyfriend who suggested that he could (and did) put cucumbers up his butt for sexual stimulation. Among some of the grossest things he did sexually, this one tops the list.  One day, I came home only to find these enormous cucumbers in the sink, and they looked to have been, uhh…used. Well, it appears, that at least from what I have read, my ex-boyfriend isn’t the only person that thinks cucumbers are sexually arousing. 
An Islamic cleric does too. According to this article “an Islamic cleric living in Europe has said that women should not be close to bananas or cucumbers, in order to avoid any ‘sexual thoughts.'” 
The feminist in me thinks banning women from anything, much less food, just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, much how those cucumbers my ex ate after doing God knows what to them does. But after reading this article, and the comments that followed, I think we should address the issue that indeed for some segments of the population, cucumbers and even bananas can be sexually arousing. That isn’t to say women shouldn’t touch them, because frankly, women, like men, do think about sex, regardless of the fruits and vegetables they are handling. 
One thought I also have surrounding this, is will having men being the only ones to handle certain, penis like vegetables, or really any food that looks like a penis, increase male homosexuality? I think it might.  
Personally, I have never had a sexual fetish for cucumbers or bananas, or any real food in general, regardless of how it may or may not resemble a penis. But I suppose for some, it might.

I might not find food arousing, but this banana makes me smile. Photo via US Messageboard

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