Keeping the Momentum Going

I recently read an interview with retiring Congressman Barney Frank. Now, if I remembered where I read it, I would link it here, but I don’t. I read it on my phone while attempting to sleep and should have emailed it to myself. But I was tired. Mistake noted.
Anyway, in the interview, Congressman Frank speaks, dare I say, frankly regarding the civil rights movement for LGBT Americans. As the first openly gay man to serve public office, and as one of the highest ranking Democrats in this nation (and quite possibly the most powerful gay man in the world), his thoughts are, at least to me, gold. 
He basically says that though our community has made great strides in the past thirty years, now is not the time to take even a small break. He said that civil rights require unrelenting focus and demand for rights. His idea is simple: once the momentum is going, keep it going…I think he is right (as I often do with this awesome Congressman). 
In some ways, I find Frank’s words to be truly inspiring and cannot help but wonder if perhaps the Democrats in Arizona are taking these words to heart.
Considering the recent events going on in Arizona politically, I must say, I am proud to have helped some of those Democrats get elected to office. Besides the awesome fact that the cities of Tucson and Phoenix (the two largest cities in Arizona) electing Democrats (and not just Democrats but intelligent ones no less!) for the first time in some forty years, if I remember correctly, and besides the fact that in Mesa, a very conservative district in Arizona, they, for the first time in Arizona’s history, ousted Senate President Russell Pearce, but they are taking the growing momentum against corruption and finally using it to their advantage. Finally, a new day in Arizona is approaching.
And they are targeting the biggest corrupted politician in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio by calling for his resignation. 
State Representatives Katie Hobbs and Ruben Gallego were the first to publicly demand that Sheriff Arpaio resign for his mishandling of his job and leaving over 400 sexually abused folks without any hope. In today’s Arizona Republic, they again, call for his resignation. 
Problematically, however, in this editorial by two Democrats I respect (and let’s face it, Representative Hobbs is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met, who has been there for me both publically and privately) they are saying it isn’t a partisan issue. And it is. Sheriff Arpaio is a Republican, both Hobbs and Gallego are Democrats. And while he is corrupt, so are most Republicans in Arizona. They shouldn’t deny that it isn’t about politics, because in Arizona it is… the Democrats are incredibly right on this, and most, issues. The Republicans are incredibly wrong.
State Representatives Hobbs and Gallego shouldn’t be afraid of saying that the Democrats are the only ones calling for a corruption to end, because it’s not only the truth, but considering that Arizona’s political opinion of Republicans is changing significantly, it’s a winning issue and could permanently change Arizona, and the Arizona Democratic party, for the better.  
I am sure Barney Frank has not done the same thing with that cigar as Bill Clinton. Photo from 

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