I Am Not Your Unborn Child

Thanks to an Olla Condom company campaign, I am starting to rethink including the “junior” on my name.

You see, this condom company is causing Facebook havoc by creating fake profiles of unsuspecting men’s unborn children by adding “Jr.” to their name, and then sending them friend requests with a message that says “avoid surprises like this one.”

Currently, my Facebook account includes the “Jr.” of my name. Obviously, I am named after my Dad, and have always gone by “Ray Ceo Jr.” I don’t want to change that now.

But to think that the Olla Condom company is going around sending people Facebook requests with the same surname, I have to wonder if perhaps that’s why people aren’t accepting my friends request.

Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Either way, as far as I am concerned my name is “Ray Ceo Jr.” (sometimes even with a comma between my last name and my surname — although the Associated Press dropped that in 2005) and that’s the name I will continue to go by. 

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