Big Gay Superstar RELEASE! And Other Good Shit

I am currently packing my bags to move to DC, to start my life, yet again. And as I make this move, I am filled with reminiscing.

I also just read this article about the grave site of Oscar Wilde and people kissing it, alot. They had to put up some glass to protect the site.

Those of you that know me might know when I came to love Oscar Wilde. I was twenty years old at the time. Had my eye brow pierced. Had a good job. Was in school. On a track to awesomeness. In my Sex and Society in Modern Europe class (yeah, try saying that ten times fast) we had to read the Picture of Dorian Grey.

Truth be told, I didn’t read the book then. As a matter of fact, I just finished it, reading it on my phone. Dislike the experience. But I already talked about that.

Anyway, for the final in the class, and what I later turned into an article for the State Press, I wrote about how brave Oscar Wilde was for somewhat blatantly displaying homosexuality.

Accepting it as a normative. And living from that new, somewhat free point of view. Well, my life has changed epically since I first learned about Oscar Wilde. But his inspiration has been awakened in me, again. Maybe this time in a way that it was meant to back in the day, when I had a pole up my ass.

So, in the light of this point of view, here is an expression of self, maybe, or perhaps it’s just a great deal of boredom turned into something insane, or perhaps something incredible. Or incredibly bad. Regardless, here it is folks, drum roll please, Big Gay Superstar

Free for you to download. If you want.

Or at least listen to. Or don’t. Honestly, I am not too sold on this music career. But regardless, like every gay boy who has ever walked on this earth, I too want to be Britney Spears. And shit, if she can do it, I can do it.

Today is also an awesome anniversary for me. Six months. Yeah, bitches. So stay tuned for more awesomeness coming down the pipeline. And hey, if you get over to France, give Oscar Wilde a kiss for me, and kisses to all of you. ❤

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