Mitt Romney Should Get Arizona’s Nod of Approval

There are few organizations I despise more than the Center for Arizona Policy. Not only are they the engineers of the failed 2006 proposition 107, but they successfully (and unethically) passed this so-called marriage amendment in 2008. 
To this day, I think it was one of Arizona’s darkest times in political history. Followed closely by the passage of SB 1070, and the reelection of Sheriff Joe Apario.  
They have led the march in Arizona’s social conservatism. They give me a slight anxiety attack anytime they say they have had success, which is far too often.
This organization was created by Len Munsil, who once ran — and lost — badly — for Governor. I won’t harp too much on how glad I was that Mr. Munsil lost, I know and am friends with his daughter, who shares most of his political views. Let’s just say, politics aside, I do have some respect for this man and his family. 
In any regard, this organization is everything I, as a incredibly social liberal, despise. 
With that being said, they need to make a big decision that needs to happen now. 
Who are the Center for Arizona Policy going to endorse for President?
Their endorsement would mean a lot to either front runner Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, but they could always follow Sheriff Joe’s move to endorse Governor Rick Perry, which would basically be nominal. 
Personally, I think the Center for Arizona Policy needs to endorse Mitt Romney. For Arizona, the GOP primary is fairly early, giving this state a first ever edge in the political process. It’s set for Feb 28, 2012, and is the number eighth primary, in what is turning out to be a very drawn out political primary season. 
Should the endorse Governor Romney, they would be taking a brave role, a role I don’t think they are ready for. I say this considering that they haven’t ever been too keen on accepting the Latter Day Saint candidate, and in Arizona, this will be an issue.
Certainly, the social conservatives can find common ground despite their believes to endorse Governor Romney — at least I hope they can. 
And certainly, Romney isn’t the best candidate, but neither is President Obama. The reality is incredibly simple, with the rising Latino/Latina population growing in Arizona — a voting block that has been loyal to the Democratic party — and the recently removed GOP champion Senate President Russell Pearce, it’s obvious that the tide might be changing in Arizona.
That same tide could push Arizona into the blue territory, especially if the social conservatives can’t figure things out and either continue to send mixed messages, or back a second-tier candidate, like Perry. 
Considering the number of folks who are part of the Church of Latter Day Saints, the endorsement from the Center for Arizona Policy could give Romney the edge he needs to ensure he picks up now an early voting state. That would also mean that the social conservatives, who have done an incredible job in the past in ensuring that the GOP are in charge, would have time to rally behind a single candidate, and can spend their money on just one candidate. 
And that candidate should be Mitt Romney. 
But I doubt that the Center for Arizona Policy has the guts to do that. And with Sheriff Joe’s endorsement of Governor Perry, that’s the road they’ll probably be taking — and that will make all the difference in Arizona’s political future. 

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