God Is Far Deeper Than That

Few people get second chances. I have been fortunate enough to get more than one. Recently, I posted on Facebook, asking for people to tell me whether they believe in God, and why (or why not). An overwhelming majority of folks on my Facebook said they didn’t believe in God, due to a lack of evidence.
But I disagree.
I might not believe in the traditional form of God, but I believe in some form of a higher power. As a gay man, I have come in contact with many churches that do not support the way I live my life. Some churches would go as far as to say they would see me dead, rather than embrace who I am as an individual.
But my faith in God is far deeper than that.
Case in point: a little over four months ago my sisters best friend gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world. This precious gift was born with half a heart.
And has had to have several heart surgeries since her birth. Again, she is only four months old. Well, my sister’s best friend is quite Christian and quite a believer in God, and through these surgeries, everyone, including myself has prayed for their baby girls survival.
And know what? She has survived. She has thrived. And she has brought happiness to two of the most beautiful parents I have ever met.
I might knock religion, the bible, Christianity and even God through-out my time as a writer, but the reality is I have not lost faith in God. I have more faith now, than I have ever in God, whatever he might be. I have survived one the hardest years of my life, and through-out all of it, I have know people have prayed for me. Heck, I have prayed for my own survival. I prayed for the Joker’s surival and even Kfed’s survival.
And both of them are still alive and surviving.
I might not have all the answers. As a writer, that’s simply not my job.
But I can honestly say, that today there are two wonderful people who are making great parents, enjoying the life their little girl has brought to them.
Their beautiful daughter is alive, healthy, and living, smiling, and I would be a fool if I said I need more evidence than that. Science might have contributed to this little girls surival, but prayer, and God had to play part in all of that. You can’t be born with half a heart and make it without some sort of divine intervention.
So, today’s post, is really me saying, yes I believe in God, and here’s why. I cannot imagine the fear that these two wonderful parents have had to go through, but I know they wouldn’t have been able to go through it alone.
They needed something. What they prayed to was God. What I found was God.
I might not be the most Christian role model in the world. I certainly am no scholar of biblical texts, but I know that somewhere in the universe, we aren’t alone, someone is watching out for us, and yielding our fates to match what we need the most.
There is not doubt in my mind now, that this little girl definitely has experienced the touch of God’s goodwill, and how amazing he/she is.
I cannot explain any further my faith in him/her. God is truly great. He has given me the most beautiful life, filled with pain and more importantly filled with love, and for that I am thankful. I am alive today because he/she chose that I be alive. When I overdosed in April, I remember seeing bright lights. Was that God or the lights in the hospital? I am choosing God.
As a gay guy, I may certainly upset some of my readers. But the reality is so clear, life doesn’t exist to simply exist, there is something out there ensuring that we life meaningful, beautiful lives.
God has ensured that for me. My life might have several bumps to hurdle over. And this little girl might have many more bumps she has to hurdle over, but that faith (which really is love for human life) is so strong within her own family (and everyone they come in contact with) there is no reason for me not to believe in him/her.

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