New York Brought Me Back To Life

Since July, I have been living in New York, applying for jobs, to no avail. For years, now, however, I have loved New York. Both of my parents grew up there, and for some reason, it’s the place I always felt like I would end up.

I mean, who else considers this their theme song to life?

The correct answer would be everyone who lives in New York.

Anyway, lately I haven’t been enjoying where I live. Certainly, I cannot beat the rent I am paying. And certainly, it is unbelievably nice to catch up with my mom, after years of her living in a different state, but the reality is I don’t feel at home there.

Not like I thought would.

There is an episode of Gilmore Girls where one of the main stars, Rory, has to make the tough decision about which college she wants to go to. She has been accepted to both Harvard and Yale, and ever since she was a little girl, she was in love with Harvard. He wall even said as much.

In many ways, I feel like her, now. Why? Because I have been given an opportunity to live in Washington D.C. — and like Rory, I am baffled at the thought of living in the nations capital, especially since I long ago vowed to stay away from politics. Well, I have already gone back on that promise many times.

And now, I am faced with this decision, to move to Washington D.C. or stay on Long Island in New York.

Currently, I am sitting in Alexandria, Virginia (a suburb, somewhat, to the D.C. area) and I am in love. Everything about this place screams home. I love the weather (I’m not too cold, it doesn’t rain every day), the people (from my best friend Amie who I am sitting next to as she plays various Britney Spears songs to her family who lives just across the courtyard in these apartments which were built pre-World War II to the community at large).

I love this town. I love it’s location. I love the people I love the history. I love the ambiance.

And I don’t think I am leaving.

In fact, I intend not too. Instead, I might just stay until I get one of the many jobs I have applied to as of late.

I needed to get out of Arizona in July, that was a sad reality. And am so glad I moved to New York. It brought me back to life, and saved me. It was everything I needed, it was that step — that incredibly important next step I needed to take to save myself. But like Alicia Keys says in “Empire State of Mine” (see the music video above Dad, just click on it, if you’re confused, it’ll open in a new window and please actually listen to it, it’s amazing) big lights did inspire me, and I know there is nothing I can’t do. I thought it before, but now, I know it’s the fucking truth.

One thing I feel like I must do, however, is live where I feel I can continue to grow, smile, and simply feel alive — and that’s exactly what I am doing and will continue to do, right here, in Old Town Alexandria. 

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