It’s Like Gotham City in Arizona Politics

There are some key parallels anyone could draw between the fictional land known as Gotham and what is going on right now in Arizona politics.No joke. Though, it would make for a funny one.

Some have called the Arizona Legislature the scariest place on earth, where the crazy are in charge, and the smart, good guys are working their asses off to keep the craziest at bey.  Here’s a good breakdown of what’s going on in the Grand Canyon state.

I say this considering these facts:

After the Arizona Independent Redistricting Committee came out with a fair proposal in how the state’s political lines were drawn. Governor Jan Brewer lead a very strategic plan to stop having such a “fair” proposal go through.

The Governor, who apparently eats Scorpions for Breakfast, got every GOP leader in AZ (and considering there is only some 30 elected Democrats in the state’s office, and just a handful in mayoral and other council-like positions that’s quite a number) to demand that the system had been taken over by Democrats in the state.

My question with this is simple: which Democrats? Because last I checked there are really that many left.

I wrote about this in the past 

Brewer argued all the way up to the Arizona Supreme Court, where she thankfully lost, and is now going to have to live with the fact that wanting to fire someone without legal merit is, well, illegal.

However, believe me, the Arizona GOP aren’t going to let this go without a fight. The future of keeping Arizona red is at stake, which they know they are loosing, fast. The recent election of Greg Stanton of Mayor as Phoenix (a Democrat), of Jonathan Rothschild as Mayor of Tucson, and the recall of the anti-undocumented citizen creator Russell Pearce must have the Arizona Democrats celebrating.

They need to, however, put this new momentum to good use.

What they really need is a Batman like figure.

Maybe Congressperson Gabby Giffords, who is healing remarkable well after a horrible gunshot wound brought her to near death less than a year ago, could be it.

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