A Modest Proposal To A Marriage Problem

If you are as excited as I am about the release of my first book of poetry, short stories, essays and editorials, titled “just from the psych ward” then you’ll like this, below is an essay that will be included in the book. I thought I would let y’all read it, and get you excited for this book, out on Christmas!






To ensure a proper nation, built strictly on sound interruptions of Biblical texts, the homosexual population must be eliminated. Because there are an estimated thirty to forty million homosexuals living among us in the United States, a extermination of the population seems impossible, however, because it is indeed too immoral, against God’s very code, to allow marriage between two consenting adults of the same sex, the impossible must be made possible. Therefore, all homosexuals should be placed on an island to die off, naturally.
Whereas, a proper nation shall be one consisting of no homosexual citizens, who are known to abruptly burn the Bible and the sanctity of marriage with their immoral thoughts and sexual relations, and because homosexuals violate strict Biblical and moral codes of conduct and Biblical rules, they should be sent to an island to die. Naturally, justification of such an extermination is clearly found in the Biblical texts of modern day. And, as we all know, the Bible has never been altered, harmed, rewritten, reworded, edited, clarified, interpreted, translated or by any other standard lost any of its meaning whatsoever.
The controversy to allow same-sex marriage originated from Hawai’i in 1993, when two men there attempted to marry each other. When the court denied their marriage certificate, they sued and the Hawaiian Supreme Court offered their condolences, declaring that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married, just like heterosexual couples. This damnation upon the state of Hawai’i serves as reasonable justification to punish the state with the plaque of homosexuality. Simply, this is where the proposed Homosexual Holocaust must take place. The idea is as follows:
First, all homosexuals must register as being such during the next Presidential election. At this time, the United States government will place a tracking device into the arm of every homosexual man and woman. To avoid having this violate any believed constitutional rights, all homosexuals shall be deemed “terrorists” and the tracking device legality will be protected by elements of the still-standing Patriot Act. Furthermore, during these harsh economic times, we shall increase taxes for the adulterated individuals only. Already, they out pay their heterosexual counterpart with no complaint, therefore an increase in their taxes will help prepare for this noble mission, and no complaint should be expected.
Additionally, an increase on taxes for pink men’s shirt, male fashion, all Adam Lambert and Ellen ellen Degeneres merchandise, as only the truly sinful folks in this nation purchase such items. The winning President during the next Presidential election shall begin the extermination process immediately following the election. (It must occur after the next Presidential election, to ensure that there is no disjointed voting on the national or local level; and to ensure a successful mission, both time and money is of value. However, all true followers of the Almighty must agree how truly necessary this mission is).  
Next, an Ark, similar to the one built by the servant, Noah, built to save the world of sin before. The clear and concise blueprints for this can once again be found in the Biblical texts. If additional funding for this project is necessary, the money should be taken directly out of art, dance and theater programs, where homosexuality in our schools is running rampant.
Following, the islands of Hawai’i must be cleared out of all heterosexual individuals. And all homosexual people must migrate across the Pacific. To begin, the most flamboyant, and most diseased homosexuals, will be found using the tracking device and forced into a prison off of the California coast, known as Alcatraz. It should hold some hundred thousand homosexuals, while the more affluent heterosexuals may vacate Hawai’i. Once one island is cleared, perhaps Maui, the hundred thousand or so homosexuals houses in Alcatraz shall be loaded onto the Ark and sent to the Hawaiian Islands to die and ride us of their immoral plaque forever.
The act shall be repeated to ensure maximum extermination.
Because their immoral sexual preference, homosexuals cannot procreate. If all homosexual males and females are placed on an island the population should eventually die off because no further homosexual children will be born. Additional, they will be non-existent in the general heterosexual population, and the United States will be rid of the disease once and for all. As we know, homosexual is a disease and spreads by rape and temptation. By eliminating them from the public, the United States will once again be in the loving eyes of God.
Additionally, the HIV and AIDS epidemic will come to an end, because, homosexuals are the only ones with this disease. Those carrying the disease in Hawaii will only enable a faster extermination of the homosexual population. Furthermore, the homosexuals moved to Hawaii to die of naturally, will, of course, not be provided any medical assistance. Moreover, all contraceptive shipments shall be stopped. This should accelerate the pace of the holocaust.
To ensure that this damned disease doesn’t touch this nation again, the President must create a immigration cap, and study the sexual history of every person attempt to visit the country. They are to examine the past sexual history for these immigrants by a minimum of tens years back. Should the person have no proof of being a homosexual, or the serpents term “bisexual,” then, and only then, should they be permitted to be enter the United States. If, however, the team of experts discovers that any said individual is designing clothes on the side, or enjoying confession, they they shall be blacklisted by customs and shall not be permitted to spread their disease.
Additionally, no male fashion designers, male artists, female athletes, playwright actors, ballet dances, photographers, writers, New Jersey governors, Catholic Priests, evangelists, drug addicts, or politicians husbands who claim to have been “cured,” shall be permitted to enter the country, as this disease is more prominent in those specific fields.
If this modest proposal is indeed carried out properly, it will ensure that the homosexual population will seize to exist in this fair, equal, wonderful nation founded under the freedoms of God. Clearly, the freedom of heterosexuality, must be preserved.
Upon the decades long studies of this marriage problem, it is with out a doubt, clear that no resolution will solve this problem. Certainly I am fearful that this proposal is simply too lenient and too modest in nature. However, I too agree that a solution to this marriage problem must be found, as homosexuality is affecting so many small children – and forcing them to become gay – and it is simply intolerable to allow gay marriage. Instead, we should allow them to die off, naturally.

The above essay is used with permission.
From the book, “Just From the Psych Ward” by Raymond Anthony Ceo Jr. 

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