A National Writing Day Post

Anyone who blogs, writes, creates, paints, crafts, dances, sings, licks, dips, kicks or is artistic at all, knows the importance of taking life and using it to create art. Well, lately, I must admit that I have been running out of steam with this blog. I mean, I have been posting quite a bit, and my blog is taking off, but man oh man, it is exhausting to be writing so much, so often. 
Add to that the books, albums, and general bad-ass-ness I am plotting, and I have been beat. So, lately, I have been trying to live some to regroup and experience life, all, of course, for the arts. Let this serve as the apology to the loyal readers/imaginary friends, for my most recent vacation from the blogosphere. It will happen again. 
Since today is National Writing Day, I thought it vital to write about the very thing that gives me meaning in life: writing. And because writing is simply putting rhythm and poetry to life, here are some simple truths I have learned since I started writing iREADray and my upcoming books and albums:
  • If you are related to me, have been a friend of mine, ever, or I have come in contact with you, ever, the chances of me writing about you are pretty high.You name likely will be changed and I’ll make up things about you so you can’t sue me. But you, and only you, will know who you are.
  • No writer ever really knows what they are embarking on until it’s been published. I have no idea how this post will end.  
  • Editing is everything! If you can edit well, you can and will be the best damn writer in the world. As my favorite former editor said, true talent is editing as you are writing — talent he said I have (bragging rights!). Generally, I never go back and edit my posts because of that, though I will with this one since I am now all overconscientious of it. (And it’s been awhile since I wrote on here.)
  • Whoever said never judge a book by it’s cover just didn’t know how to design covers. The moment I threw a picture of myself in my underwear up on my blog as a new logo-redesign, my readership went threw the roof. The first month I had my junk barely covered, I had more than a 2,000% increase in readership. Obviously sex sells.  
  • Facts are always secondary to a good story; facts always make a great one. 
  • I have to read quite a bit to ensure that I can write. Stephen King said, in his book “On Writing,” basically the same thing. 
  • If you write, you’ll always be fat, or at least have a few extra pounds. You have to eat to write. I was eating pizza when I started this. 
  • I really like pizza. 
  • People come and go, but family is forever, so you can’t be too hard on them in your stories/epic lies you intend to profit on.
  • Like Martha Stewart’s daughter, I too, hope they can take everything I write with a grain of salt, and enjoy it for what it is: art and entertainment.
  • There is something to be said about having the outside of my left hand stained with ink or graphite from writing. With that, there is something to also be said about being able to type as fast as you think. I like using both mediums, so despite my believe that the pencil may soon be dead, as long as I am alive, the pen won’t be.
And since I know I have been slacking on this blog while trying to live some, here are some dates and titles my loyalists and pals in my own little world will like: 
  • My amazing CD titled “Big Gay Superstar” will be out November 24, 2011 (Thanksgiving). To see the cover we finally settled on, and the song list, check this out. We can talk about the headache it was to decide later.  
  • My collection of poetry, selective essays and editorials will a) be titled “Just From the Psych Ward” and b) will be out December 25, 2011, (Christmas). I thought long and hard for a title for this collection I have wanted to do, and couldn’t think of something so the date of it’s publication kept being ambiguous. But, I was telling someone a story (see, I was living, and living is art) and this phrase just happened to come up. And it stuck. So, since I have to have a book out by Christmas, and I want to keep editing “I Am Man, Hear Me Roar”  I am pushing that back some and sliding this one in it’s place. This happens in the publishing world, another truth about writing. 
  • “I Am Man, Hear Me Roar” will be out on, or possibly after, Valentines day of 2012. (Sorry folks, but this story needs to told right, and though it’s quite good, it’s not great and we here on iREADray strive for great.)
That’s all folks. Tomorrow we are talking about the color purple. ❤

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