The Great Pumpkin Shortage

Considering how things tend to work in my life, I strongly believe I will be quite famous once I am dead. If that’s the case, I presume facts about my life will be aired on Jeopardy and Who Wants to be A Millionaire. Though I don’t think I get to write the questions, especially postmortem, if I could have influence on what my game show question would be its simply this:
What is famous blogger, and Pulitzer Prize winner Ray Ceo, Jr.’s favorite season?
Now that that’s out of the way, I want address a very important issue to folks right here on Long Island and all across the East Coast. This epic pumpkin shortage. According to CBS News (and other news sources really,  but I like referencing one article for specific facts, figures) there is a massive pumpkin shortage going on in the Northeastern part of the country. The shortage of the Halloween’s favorite craft is jacking up the price of pumpkins 
Many are pointing figures at Hurricane Irene for destroying this year’s pumpkin crops. But the reality is, it’s the inconsistent weather patterns that are really hurting them (though Irene didn’t help).
Since moving to New York in July (so, I have been here a total of three months, and that’s it) there has been: excessive rain, massive flooding, excessive heat advisories, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. None of these can be good for pumpkin patches. When I first got here, the news was talking about how the 95 degree weather was not normal. Then it rained, a ton, and the news said, it was above average. Last week, we reached near freezing temperatures, with frost hand picking which pumpkin crops would continue on for carving and pies. 
This week, it has been above average temperature wise, nearly fifteen degrees above average. 
None of this is good for the pumpkin crops. Instead, places like the farm I went to today, called F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm had to do what many places have to in the pumpkin shortage of 2011, outsource their pumpkin crops! 
Now, like what I saw happen today, kids and those attempting to relive their childhood are going to farms that experienced awful crops. There, farmers and attractive hired men are unloading pumpkins from giant trucks, and letting you go pick your pumpkin out of the faux-crop. The pumpkin I got today was probably made in Indiana, but I got it right here at F&W Schmitt’s Family Farm. 

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