Straw Polls Tell Us One Thing

Congressman Ron Paul just won the most recent straw poll for the GOP Presidential election, at the Values Voter Summit with a whopping 37% of the vote. Certainly, there is something to be said for Paul’s rise, once again, to the top in the race, but let’s be real, him winning this straw poll, or anyone winning any straw poll is completely meaningless. Straw polls do not mean anything besides gaging how the Republican caucus feels about those running for the chance to take on President Obama one-on-one.
Though meaningless in the political process, the string of straw poll results tell us one very clear thing, those who identify as Republican are very much unsure about what they want. They just know President Obama isn’t it.
I say this considering all of these following facts:
  • Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll, in August, seizing 4,823 votes, narrowly beating Ron Paul, who one 4,671.  There were a total of 16,892 votes cast.
  • Former Governor Mitt Romney won the Michigan Straw Poll in late September. He won more than 51% of all the votes cast, with a total of 681.
  • Businessman Herman Cain won the GOP’s Florida Straw poll, with 37% of the vote. 
  • As far as Rick Perry goes, unless I am mistaken and my research did not pay off, he hasn’t won any straw polls, but continues to find himself in the top ranks of various nationwide telephone surveys.  
That puts the Republican party in a difficult place, they simply do not know who they want, and as my favorite silly politician former Governor Sarah Palin said, there is a different flavor every week.
Now that Governor Romney’s Mormonism is starting to hurt his campaign, (though, as I said here, it should be a non-issue), who knows what the next flavor will be? 

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