I Thought I Was Being (Grammatically) Assaulted

Sometimes, okay, who the hell am I kidding, all the time, I amuse myself.
It’s what unemployed folks have to do. Having been unemployed for over a year now, I have to find many ways, and let me tell you, there is nothing left in my brain, I am out of ideas, short of go on the street corner with a guitar, no talent singing “Smelly Cat” I am beyond bored. Well,  lately, I have been attempting to utilize social media to create a enterprise with this amazing blog that you read, should follow on Twitter, share on Facebook and check back on everyday (except weekends…uhh, most of the time).
Well, today I thought I was grammatically assaulted by a dumb-ass. It was painful. Here’s how this went down. My friend (since I don’t want to be sued, I am going to give him a fake name that has no rhyme or reason except that I think clowns are sort of cool and want them at my funeral, complete circus themed, for the record [if there is a record, but i digress]) Bozo posted something on Facebook.
Those details are insignificant. So are the details of what was posted. Here’s what happened though, I recommended he do something, purchasing something they don’t sell to children (please note, I was referring to laptop cleaner, for actually cleaning, I know all of you are naughty, err, perverted readers [and based on my readership statistics that’s a fact]).
Well, the person responded underneath my comment simply this “*too”. Now, have just so you know, I do not read most other people comments. Especially if I am not in the same friends group. I didn’t read any of the post before. I don’t really have the energy, attention span, or one-handed scrolling abilities (don’t ask, haha) to read all of them. I like to get in and out, in every aspect of my life.
So I responded back. I was nice. I said: ” No, it’s to. Too would be in addition ‘too,’ ‘to’ is to give to, such as to a minor.”
Then I looked up the comments prior to mine, I noticed this fellow had posted something that in fact was incorrect. He wasn’t correcting me at all. He was correcting himself.

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