Samwell Taught Us About Hope

When my friend, co-worker, roommate, and general partner in crime first showed me Samwell’s “What, What (In the Butt)” video on YouTube years ago, she commented on how seriously I took it. Simply, I thought, and let’s face it, still think it’s the greatest thing ever.
It’s an inappropriate Internet sensation, that just brings me all sorts of joy, and really challenges me to be a better entertainer. I want what everything Samwell embodies in the video and so much more.
For people like, specifically those born in my generation (we are labeled generation Y, born between 1980 and 1995, though there is some flexibility within those years) we are technologically savvy and use the Internet to our advantage.
Samwell did this. Those that make fun of him, from jocks to police officers to homo’s alike, have seen the video. I too think the video is funny. And I know Samwell is laughing all the way to the bank.
I have taken to watching Tosh.O. Basically, I am in love with the host, Daniel Tosh, and those who follow me on twitter ( know of my motives to marry him. On some episode I just saw, Daniel was interviewing Samwell, years later. Behold, Samwell, a serious musician who had some fun, became a sensation and made some money in the process.
It’s my dream. Samwell’s video has over 43 million YouTube views. That’s a shit ton. My blog is well read but not nearly that sensational (why do you think I am coming out with a CD?) and Samwell doesn’t seem to be complaining. For those of us who were born with a mouse in our hand, using the Internet to launch ourselves into an Internet personality roll where we can reap profits is, how can you say, the best job ever.
My generation is changing the game in the business world. With people like Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook, we are enterprising, young patrons of the world, with a smart phone and latte in one hand and campaign flyer and paint brush in the other. No joke. We are not only savvy with the iPhone but we consume coffee at unhealthy amounts, donate time to political actions in insane numbers and are generally more creative than our predecessors.
Indeed, when my friend showed me Samwell’s video, she didn’t think it would change my life. And it didn’t really, it just gave me a little bit of hope that maybe, someday, somehow, if I work hard enough, this blog might mean something. 

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