President Obama Has Me Listening

President Obama’s recent strategy to launch himself into the national campaign is, I must say, quite impressive. It’s been a long time coming. Nearly thirty days ago, the President proposed before a joint session in Congress the American Jobs Act. But both the Democrat-controlled Senate, and the Republican-controlled House, have stalled this legislation. 
Let’s face it, Republican’s haven’t even wanted to take a gander at the jobs bill since it’s creation. Not only did Speaker of the House John Boehner force President Obama to reschedule his hearing before Congress, but he even forced the President to have to compete with Thursday night football. 
But, much like the candidate who I voted for, President Obama didn’t bite. Instead, he went early that night, forcing Speaker Boehner to either counter the President’s speech during the first quarter of a football game, or cancel the traditional speech by alternative party leaders. Boehner canceled.
Democrats aren’t backing the President’s jobs bill because they don’t like the tax cuts included in it. But, that doesn’t seem to matter to President Obama. Regardless of Congress’ opinion of the jobs bill, the President is traveling throughout the country demanding that Congress pass the American Jobs Act. It’s a showdown between the President and Congress. 
The President is smart to make this political move. Especially as the 2012 election draws near. First, whether Congress passes or doesn’t pass the jobs bill, the President wins. If Congress doesn’t pass the jobs bill, especially after delaying it this long and allowing the President to go on tour saying as much, they look broken, unwilling to compromise, even for the sake of the economy and the American people. If they don’t even bring it to a vote, they look ineffective, pointless. But in either case, the President clearly is trying to work with a group of unreasonable people. 
If they pass it, the President will look like he finally tamed the wild beast that is Congress.
It doesn’t really matter if his jobs plan is a good one or not either. Spending any money on the economy is good. He is smart to be pushing such legislation, now, when in just a few days the Department of Economic Secretary will be issuing a reevaluated unemployment percentage. It’s expected to go up. Creating one job is doing a heck of a lot more than what Congress is doing, and the President knows it. 
This political strategy by the President is a brilliant campaign move. He is trying to rally his political base and showing some political might reminds me of the man I voted for in 2008. Distancing himself from Congress at large, and not just the Republicans but those within his own party, is also smart. President Obama has always been  has always been the sensible, independent guy. Maybe it’s too little too late for the President, but he’s got me listening, and that says a lot. 

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