One Liners On Recent Events

Often my humor is lost on the thoughtful, well written editorials I often embark on. Usually, I am good at the one liners, so for today’s post, I thought I would give my concise thoughts on trending news topics. 
Amanda Knox — after four years in an Italy prison, she not only knows Italian fluently, but unique torture techniques. And they say studying aboard isn’t educational.
Recently, Rick Perry has come under fire for the n-word being painted on the a rock at one of his cabins. Some are calling this racist. Personally, I think he was just trying to welcome the slaves, oops, I mean underpaid, uneducated, minority, workers. He had to repaint it after signing the Texas DREAM act, now it has a different word painted on it. But I don’t know Spanish.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney thinks President Obama should apologize for insulting the Bush administration. Apparently, Dick is all butt-hurt by what President Obama said some four years ago. And here we thought Dick didn’t have a heart. Apparently writing a book has him all emotional. Don’t go soft on us now Dick!
If you live in California, rest assured, you can still get your foreskin removed. Governor Jerry Brown signed into a law something that basically declared his love of cut penis, which disappointed the gays living in San Francisco who were trying to ban getting the extra skin removed. Has anyone considered that maybe Governor Brown is Jewish? 
Herman Cain just won another straw poll, this time within a group of GOP women. These women were pivotal in getting President Obama elected, which proves the age old notion, that once you go black, you never go back.  

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