Obama Should Stop Heckling Me

In President Obama’s camp, it’s been fairly hush/hush on election plans. Though it’s still early, he is doing what most incumbent President do and that is energize the base. Thus he going all around the country to rally up his Democratic constituents and once again make his case to America.
I have been watching his political moves, from what the news says as well as what his own campaign says, and I suspect he has lied to me. You see, he is saying and doing, yet again, two very different things. In an email he sent me, he said in it: “It’s a chance for us to prove how we’re different from any campaign in politics: We rely on ordinary Americans giving what they can — one grassroots donation at a time.” Meanwhile, the Washington post reports about a heckler harassing the President at a high price-per-plate campaign fund-raiser. 
So, what’s the deal here President Obama? Either you are really the campaign you say you are, and live up to it, or not. I am tired of being lied to.
President Obama should stop lying to me. I am part of a group of Americans who has had enough. When we elected you, you said you would change politics as usual, part of what you said was usual were the lies. Now you’re lying. Shame on you. 
I am not sure I can vote for a President. He has sent me an email everyday this week saying the same bullshit lie, that he needs grassroot campaign money, he needs small donations from those who are working hard, if they are lucky to have a job. A mess he promised to fix. Nope, President Obama, you aren’t getting another dollar from me. And you may very well not get a vote or endorsement. 

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