How To Love

Lil Wayne has a new song out that maybe my favorite by the rapper/felon/general bad-ass. The song is titled “How to Love” and the lyrics point out that some people, specifically the female the rapper is singing/mumbling about, simply aren’t sure how to love.

This comes at an interesting time in my life. Not only am I reflecting about where my life has taken me so far, but let’s face it, I moved to New York after my broken heart was controlling the  pieces to what was left of my life in Arizona.

My favorite line from the entire song is: “You had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever, now your in the corner trying to put it together, how to love.” After looking back at my relationships, certainly, there are many things I would never do again.For instance,  I would take things significantly slower, and never give all of myself, instead, I would keep a piece to protect. I guess, in short, I really like that line because that’s exactly what I am doing, sitting here in this corner of the world trying to understand, move on, heal, grow, basically learn a lesson I never did, and that lesson is how to love.

Check out the music video, because for a thug, Lil Wayne is hella fine:

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